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Fall in Love with Life Again

When I was a single mom I had a painful season when my girls went to live at their dad’s house. They had been my whole life. Early on I was alone on a Saturday morning doing my usual cleaning. There were a couple of small, old books downstairs that had been floating around without a home. My older daughter, Christine, had picked them up at the thrift shop because she thought they looked cool. But, they had meandered through the house. I finally set them on the stair to take them up to her room.

As I continued my Saturday morning cleaning, on one of my many trips up and down the stairs, I saw the books sitting there. The one on top was an antique book written around 1910 with a very plain brown paper cover and black type on the front: The Master of the Inn, Robert Herrick. That was it—no picture, no synopsis, nothing to clue you in.  The title made me wonder what it was about. Curiosity finally got the better of me. I picked it up and started to thumb through it. Something about the beginning caught me and drew me in. It’s written in first person, from the perspective of one of the guests of the inn. He tells about a doctor who buys an old colonial tavern near Albany, Canada. Although he does not open his home to the public, it becomes a sort of inn where men could come and stay when they were burned out. They would stay as long as needed to experience restoration. To quote the book: “He takes a man who doesn’t want to live and makes him fall in love with life.”

As I said, I was taken in by the story and before I knew it, I had been sitting on the stair for three or four hours reading the whole thing. I felt as if I myself had had a full vacation and was restored. I realized later that the two years without my girls was a time with the Lord and he used my everyday life to restore me, just like the Master of the Inn.  That story touched my heart so much, I wanted to do the same here with Laugh Like Thunder. I have been healed and restored and have fallen in love with life again. And that’s what I hope you find here—the hope that you can fall in love with life again.



PS: if you want to experience The Master of the Inn, you can find it on Amazon or click on this link to read it now.