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Oil of Joy. Essential Health Essential Oils

Our health is essential to a good life. God designed our bodies to be whole and to heal when needed. When our bodies need help, God gave us what we need in the foods we eat, the relationships we have and the activities we take part in. But sometimes we need a little more help. If you’re tired of turning to your medicine cabinet for that help (or if you’re like me, anything in there is going to wipe you out even more) then come with me. I found something that help me and I’ll share!

I’ve always been active and enjoyed fairly good health. One area of struggle, though, is that my system is hyper sensitive to medications, their effects and even their after effects. Something as simple as a cold medicine would leave me groggy for at least a day. OTC sinus medicines kept my head spinning and running an emotional obstacle course for the 4-8 hours they were supposed to be helping me. Even some foods would take a tole on me. Caffeine in any form is off limits and too much vitamin E at one time can make my heart pound. And, don’t get me started on standard vitamins.Whole foods vitamins were part of the answer to the vitamin dilemma. But really, how was I going to get my body the extra help it needs every now and then?

I’m happy to say that I have worked through the maze of food and medicine sensitivities. The basic still apply: stay active, eat a balanced diet and minimize stress. But when it comes to helping my body strengthen my immune system, give a boost when needed, or help me sleep when I’m all wound up, I actually found something that works well with my sensitive system. doTERRA Essential Oils help me build and maintain my body. I actually like the doTERRA oils so much that I decided to become a deTERRA Wellness Advocate. I chose doTERRA oils due to their purity and effectiveness.

They’re effective for two reasons:

  1. Oils are able to penetrate cell walls to work quickly and efficiently to help your body in it’s natural process to fight viruses and bacteria on the cellular level.
  2. doTERRA is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. They have seven different ways they test their oils to ensure their purity.

I have one more reason I love these oils. Their food grade oils are great to cook with and add tons of flavor to what you are cooking!

If you would like to begin to check them out, you can click on my essential oil website here.


Want to keep all your essential oil blend recipes in one spot? Check out the cute books I make to keep mine in.
Want to keep all your essential oil blend recipes in one spot? Check out the cute Essential Oils Recipe Books I make to keep mine in. You can buy one for your essential oils. Just add your own recipes and you’ve got it made.