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Abundant Life with God

 I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. I am the good shepherd. John 10: 10-11

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Right? Every day God pours out on the righteous and unrighteous. As our eyes are opened to His goodness, we find He lavishes on us continuously. So how can we experience the abundance of life Jesus promised?

As we spend time with God in His word and in His presence something happens. The bible becomes our treasure map, giving us clues to connect to this amazing treasure of life. Our thinking shifts and our lives are transformed. At first it’s moving out of darkness into His light. But then we go from glory to glory. He said that of the increase there will be no end (Is 9:7); so, there is always more we can experience and know. Imagine that!

On this page I’ll share some of the treasures God has given me. It’s the kind of treasure that the more you share and give away, the more you have. Enjoy the blogs. Eventually I hope to include some video teachings, music I like and all sorts of other things. So stay tuned!

Abundant Life with God Blog Posts

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Hillsborough County Backstage Pass Tour

Hillsborough County is one of Florida's largest counties in Florida both in land mass (#12 with 1,051 sq mi (2,722 km2) and populations (#4 with 1,267,775 people). We are also the third largest school district in Florida, right behind Miami-Dade and Boward Counties. So what keeps all this humming along? How do things get done around our county to keep it […]

Lessons from Irma: Don't Get Sucked into the Riptide of Doubt and Fear

It was wild preparing for Hurricane Irma. A new experience for me. Well, not all of it was new to me. As single mom for 17 years, I developed this keen understanding of oncoming doom and, along with it, a sense for what was needed to prepare for every scenario I could think of. I got […]

Words, Even in Italian, Make History

When we were in Asiago on our trip to Italy I had picked up a free copy of Asiago Magazine. It was a special edition for the 100th anniversary of the Giro D'Italia (the major bike race in Italy like the Tour d'France). Flipping through it, I quickly realized it was mostly in Italian. The pictures were good, though […]

Who Do They Say I am When They Doubt?

We all have our doubts. We doubt weather predictions and the stock market. We doubt if that face cream will actually remove those tiny, little wrinkles. Yes, we all have doubts. That's not bad. It's normal. But we also can doubt in big ways. We doubt people we don't know, sometimes for good reason. We […]

Who Do They Say I am When They Think They're Doing My Work?

The Pharisees, priests and scribes were seething at this point. Jesus had said so many things to tick them off. So many things. He had raised Lazarus from the dead which got the Sadducees mad too. They didn't believe in resurrection. To them, Jesus must been operating in the occult. And then He did it. Once […]

Who Do They Say I Am When They Already Know Me?

Image if your older brother said he was the messiah, the anointed one that everyone had been waiting for. What would you say? I know what I would say, "No you're not. You're my brother. I've seen you eat, I saw you break Mom's favorite lamp. I watched Dad teach you how to hang a door. You can't […]

Lenten Focus 2017

I love Lent. You might think that it gets old doing the same thing each year. I know some may even call it ritualistic. I guess it can get that way. But, I think it's a matter of the heart and attitude of how it's done. I'm sure it wasn't a ritual when Jesus went […]

A Royal Restoration and a Masterpiece of Joy!

At the risk of sounding like my mother, I'll say it. The other night Cody and I watched a good PBS special. It was about the restoration of the Dumfries House, a 2,000 acre estate in Scotland. It was fascinating to see them work through each room restoring furniture, repairing walls and restoring beauty to a […]

On the Edge of an Adventure

Christmas is just a few days away, and not far behind that, New Years. As the year comes to a close that familiar year end evaluation, shift, and position has been happening almost automatically this year. It seems particularly strong, almost pulling me along. I have a intense desire to get rid of stuff I don't […]

The Secret of a Super Hero

I just read the following excerpt in a blog that I follow by Jeff Goins. He's a writer who always has simple, thoughtful things to say. He's worth checking out if you aren't familiar with him. Here's what he wrote: "My son Aiden loves superheroes. When he's dressed up as Batman, Aiden can run faster and […]