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The Everyday

If you know anything about intercessors, or anyone with a spiritual bent to their calling, they can get a little loopy. 😉 You know, go a little too deep and don’t connect with what is right in front of them any more. Do that too long and you’re MIA in your own body. And I guess I’m no different. What keeps me grounded is hanging out with people I care about and spending time doing the things I love. And I love many things.

This is my favorite page because it’s all about my favorite things. Some of these things I’m good at, while others I am just learning about. They are things I like to do, things that I love, things that keep me sane and normal.

In these blogs I’ll share my everyday, show you what I’ve learned (typically as I learn it), and, really just laugh at myself. The blogs are categorized for finding things easier:

  • The Everyday
  • Family & Friends
  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Gardening
  • Healthy Living (or at least trying to)

Everyday Life Blog Posts

Backstage Pass—Session 4 Waste Mangement

For most of us, we don't think too much about our trash after we throw it away or set it by the curb. As long as it's picked up on trash day and our bin is empty in the evening, we're good. For for the people hard at work at Sold Waste Management, that's all they think […]

Backstage Pass—Session 2 Public Utilities

Flush it and forget it. Right? Not any more! Last Thursday I visited the Public Utilities and got a complete overview of what happens to our water once it goes down the drain. And, let me tell you it is amazing! Who knew so much technology went in to our water. The Public Utilities Department is […]

This Week in the Garden and Around the House

Garden This week was finally planting week. I thought I missed it and was lat once again. But, I was glad to hear from the guy at Kerby's that since it's been so hot, I haven't missed it. In fact, he said that, depending on the heat, he will wait unit mid-October to the end […]

Backstage: Transportation Center—Picassos of the Roadways and Controlling the Traffic

Markings These are the guys that keep us all in line, literally.  Can you image a road without lines? The Markings department of the highway paint all stop bars and crosswalk lines on the roadways, guide lines to get us around corners, median noses to keep people like me from running them over and legends (turn […]

Hillsborough County Backstage Pass Tour

Hillsborough County is one of Florida's largest counties in Florida both in land mass (#12 with 1,051 sq mi (2,722 km2) and populations (#4 with 1,267,775 people). We are also the third largest school district in Florida, right behind Miami-Dade and Boward Counties. So what keeps all this humming along? How do things get done around our county to keep it […]

Lesson Learned at the Shelter

Staying in a shelter was a new experience for us. We weren't really sure what to expect. Overall we were pleasantly surprised. Here are the lessons we can share with others: Be neighborly. Everyone was great at the shelter. The first night, though, there was a family stationed in the corner of the gym. They […]

The Shelter of the Almighty Looks Like Bloomingdale High School

We have all seen images of jam-packed shelters of scared people sleep in overcrowded storm shelters. In the recent hurricane, Cody and I decided we would go to a shelter. It's a hard and humbling decision. Part of me felt like I was quitting. I think I even had a little snobbery of thinking I have a home, […]

Long Distant Grandma

This past weekend I got to play with my four year old grandson. This is no easy task considering I'm in Florida and my grandson, Bruce, is in Arizona! Truly, I hate this long distance thing. But life can be as great was we make it. Forest Gump might have his box of chocolates. But I […]

Lessons from Irma: Don't Get Sucked into the Riptide of Doubt and Fear

It was wild preparing for Hurricane Irma. A new experience for me. Well, not all of it was new to me. As single mom for 17 years, I developed this keen understanding of oncoming doom and, along with it, a sense for what was needed to prepare for every scenario I could think of. I got […]

Summer Slowdown 2017

You might recall last year's summer slowdown (my first one, I might add) consisted of Reading a few books, embroidering and making a queen sized quilt (another first) and a few summer activities. It was very satisfying. The break from hectic and getting into a rhythm of rest rejuvenated me for the fall season. I loved it […]