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Arts and Crafts

I think being creative and doing crafts was mandatory for being in my family. My mom was very creative and was always busy with something. Growing up she would always be canning, baking, sewing, embroidering, macramé, decorating and on and on. As kids we were expected to participate and I learned to embroider around eight or nine, crochet when I was ten, wood burning was somewhere in there too. I think I learned to sew around ten or eleven years old.

I’ve very grateful for my mom’s expectations for us to do these things. It’s what led me into woodworking and book making and helped me in photography. I’ve just started sewing, so I may see some of that here.

Arts & Crafts Blog Posts

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Summer Slowdown 2017

You might recall last year's summer slowdown (my first one, I might add) consisted of Reading a few books, embroidering and making a queen sized quilt (another first) and a few summer activities. It was very satisfying. The break from hectic and getting into a rhythm of rest rejuvenated me for the fall season. I loved it […]

Summer Time!

Summer Time. Just those words can still put a thrill in my heart. It always stirs up memories of longer days, running outside to play after dishes, no homework, cook-outs and making ice-cream. Even when my kids were little and I was working, the anticipation of not having to wade through the school paper avalanche and force them […]