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Cooking & Eating

I haven’t always liked to cook. I guess that’s because I haven’t always liked to eat. I tend to get caught up in projects and forget to eat or do just one more thing before I eat. Add to that if I’m stressed out I tend to not eat. Add to that, for a while, as a single mom, I had a limited budget for food. We ate, just not much sometimes. So, for my adult life, eating was a hassle. Until one day, when stress had lessened and budgets had grown a bit, I started thinking about my eating habits. They were pretty bad, even though I had made some improvements. So I decided to do something about it.

I decided I would start celebrating food. God gave us such wonderful variety in food choices with limitless ways to enjoy them all. I got a subscription to Food & Wine Magazine and started to explore a great unknown – good food I could make myself. It was fun seeing all these recipes with ingredients I didn’t even know existed. Imagine my surprise when I realized some could be found at the grocery stores I went to! I searched through the magazine for recipes I could put together with what I had. I explored the new ingredients I could get at my local grocery store. I started to plan excursions to Whole Food and Trader Joe’s (an hour drive from my house). I began cooking myself special dinners as a reward for my accomplishments.

When I met my husband my food horizons broadened. Being Italian meant eating Italian to him. He would sit across from me saying, “Manga, manga!” (or “Eat, eat!”). I learned to make pasta and eat ossobuco. I am blessed with a husband who can cook!

I’m happy to say that I love food now. These posts will take you on some of my adventures. Be sure to check out the Laugh Like Thunder Cook Book from the home page on the right side. It a small collection of some of my favorite recipes for you to try.

Enjoy the posts and MANGA!

Cooking & Eating Blog Posts

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Wrapping Up Juice-Fest

Favorite (and not so favorite) Juice Recipes   These are just a few of my favorites I've tried and have written down. Hope you enjoy them to! If you have any recipes of your own, put them in the comments section. I love to try new recipes. Hints and Tips I'm not expert on juicing. […]

Making Juicing Easy

Now you know how I got started juicing. Here's how I keep it going. The thing I hated at first about juicing was that it was a long process with alot of clean up. Two things I don't want to mess with first thing in the morning. I had to figure something out to make […]

Good Morning, Sunshine

Juicing up a little sunshine. Good Morning from Laugh Like Thunder!
In the past I've been terrible about eating fruits and vegetables. I know, don't tell my Mom ;) I always try new ways to get them into my diet. Like I would make oatmeal in the morning and put one serving of fruit in it. Done. That's one more serving of fruit than I was getting before. Two […]

Surprised Myself

One night last week I was rummaging through my recipes trying to find anything I felt like cooking and eating for dinner, two things that don't always align for me. I came across what looked like an easy pasta and vegetable recipe and my imagination started turning. I had a half of a bag of shrimp […]

Kitchen Clashes

Cody and I got married later in life—I was in my 40s he had just turned 50, both set in our ways. Early on in our marriage Cody and I figured out that we both like to cook . . . as long as it's not together. We eventually established what we called the two foot radius rule. […]

Making It Work

Check out Laugh Like Thunder Cook Book!
As you know I spend much of my time during the new year fast in search of recipes that can handle both Cody's no bread fast and my no meat fast. Not always an easy task. But in the latest fast I came across this yummy recipe that worked for both. The bonus is that you […]

New Year Fast

Our church is doing a 21 Day Fast. It's always interesting in our house when this comes around. I will typically fast a couple of times a year for certain things. My husband, Cody, not so much. He leaves that stuff up to me. For some reason, though, he does this fast each time. I'm always […]